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Colonial North Carolina
Colonial North Carolina from the establishment of the Carolina in 1663 to the eve of the American Revolution in 1763. Compares the original vision for the colony with the way it actually developed. Covers the people who settled North Carolina; the growth of institutions, trade, and slavery; the impact of colonization on American Indians; and significant events such as Culpeper's Rebellion, the Tuscarora War, and the French and Indian Wars.
Format: book (multiple pages)
Marriage in colonial North Carolina
In Colonial North Carolina, page 6.6
In the colonial period, how and when people got married depended on whether they were indentured servants, slaves, free laborers, or wealthy people. Many marriages were informal and validated by the community rather than by a legal license.
Format: article
By L. Maren Wood.
Teaching about North Carolina American Indians
This web edition is drawn from a teachers institute curriculum enrichment project on North Carolina American Indian Studies conducted by the North Carolina Humanities Council. Resources include best practices for teaching about American Indians, suggestions for curriculum integration, webliographies, and lesson plans about North Carolina American Indians.
Format: book (multiple pages)

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The Charters of Freedom
Includes information and primary source documents of the three freedom charters: The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States and The Bill of Rights. Also included is a biographical index of the founding fathers of the United States... (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: National Archives and Records Administration
The Emancipation Proclamation
View images of the original Emancipation Proclamation and a transcript of its contents. Read about its history, the effects it had on American society, and listen to an audio interview with a former slave. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: National Archives and Records Administration
George Washington: A National Treasure
Help solve a make-believe mystery! Uncover hidden layers of the George Washington portrait and learn fascinating facts along the way. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: Smithsonian Institution National Portrait GalleryNational Portrait Gallery