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Buncombe County Turnpike: GIS map
Buncombe County Turnpike: GIS map
The Buncombe Turnpike through North Carolina's mountains was built between 1824 and 1828 along the Drovers' Road, so called, because drovers used the road to lead herds of animals (droves) to market. The Turnpike was an important road until the 1880s, when...
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The remnants of an old spa in Hot Springs, NC
The remnants of an old spa in Hot Springs, NC
These are the remnants of an old spa in Hot Springs, North Carolina. In the late 1700s, Hot Springs, then known as Warm Springs, became a popular destination for travelers during the American Revolution. A tavern was established there and was later the site...
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The Buncombe Turnpike
In North Carolina in the New Nation, page 7.6
The Buncombe Turnpike began in the early nineteenth century as the Drover's Road through western North Carolina, used to drive livestock to market. The Turnpike brought trade and increased prosperity to the region and especially to Asheville. After the Civil War, economic recession and the rise of railroads led to its decline.
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North Carolina in the New Nation
Primary sources and readings explore North Carolina in the early national period (1790–1836). Topics include the development of state government and political parties, agriculture, the Great Revival, education, the gold rush, the growth of slavery, Cherokee Removal, and battles over internal improvements and reform.
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The Southern Highland Craft Guild
In North Carolina in the early 20th century, page 7.7
The Southern Highland Craft Guild, founded by Frances Goodrich, played an important role in western North Carolina's Craft Revival of the early twentieth century. Goodrich and others helped find ways of teaching traditional crafts and making them profitable again.
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Interstate highways from the ground up
In Postwar North Carolina, page 2.3
NCDOT resident engineer Stan Hyatt lived in Madison County most of his life, and he loved hunting and exploring the mountain when he was younger. He helped design and build I-26, a project that meant the destruction of some of the environment where he grew up. He talks about the costs and benefits of highway construction in this interview.
Format: interview
By Kristin Post.
The growth of tourism: Warm Springs
In North Carolina in the New South, page 5.9
Advertisement for Warm Springs (now Hot Springs) in Madison County, North Carolina, from the late nineteenth century. Includes historical commentary about the region, tourism, and nineteenth-century medicine.
Format: pamphlet/primary source
Commentary and sidebar notes by L. Maren Wood.