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North Carolina thinking skills
Model of thinking skills adopted by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in 1994. Lists seven levels of thinking skills from simplest to most complex: knowledge, organizing, applying, analyzing, generating, integrating, and evaluating.
teacher research
Intentional and systematic inquiry by a teacher or teachers in order to improve classroom practice. Teacher researchers begin with a question about classroom life, design and implement a research plan, collect and analyze data, and adjust practice to better meet the needs of students.
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction administers the policies adopted by the State Board of Education and offers instructional, financial, technological, and personnel support to all public school systems in the state.
alternative teacher certification
Certification of teachers by means other than traditional four-year college and university education degree programs. Candidates for alternative certification hold a degree in the subject matter they will teach and meet abbreviated pedagogical coursework requirements, often during the first two years of teaching.
Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium
A consortium of state and national education agencies and organizations focused on the preparation, licensure, and professional development of teachers. INTASC is guided by the belief that student learning standards should drive the preparation and development of teachers.

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Carolina Online Teacher Program (COLT)
LEARN NC’s Carolina Online Teacher (COLT) program prepares participants to be online instructors, and receive certification to instruct LEARN NC courses.
Format: article/online course
North Carolina Teacher Standards and Evaluation Process
Students will examine the standards and evaluation model in this online course.
Format: article/online course
LEP Training 102
This course will prepare you as you take on the role of a Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Coordinator or ESL Teacher. You may be a new ESL teacher or have been assigned the role of a LEP Coordinator without receiving any training.
Format: article/online course
Practicum in Online Teaching -- Frequently asked questions
This document answers the most-asked questions about the Practicum in Online Teaching, the capstone course to LEARN NC's Carolina OnLine Teacher Program.
LEARN NC white paper: Training teachers to teach online
The importance of certification for online instructors.
Format: document
LEARN NC professional development - Frequently asked questions
Find the answers to frequently asked questions about LEARN NC professional development courses.
Format: article/help
Arts at the core: Making standards work
This online professional development course helps participants understand how to create lesson plans that include embedded standards in the Fine Arts curriculum.
Format: article/online course
Teach an online course in your school
This document explains how to teach an online course on LEARN NC's Moodle server.
Format: article/help
LEP Training 101
This course will prepare you as you take on the role of a LEP Coordinator or ESL Teacher. Although you may already know theories or strategies for teaching ESL students, this course is like a manual to teach you the policies, procedures, and required job duties that accompany your job dealing with LEP students specifically in NC schools.
Format: article/online course
North Carolina American Indian stories
In this lesson students will select and read stories from some of the North Carolina American Indian tribes. They will compare and contrast two stories of their choice and complete a Venn diagram. Students will use the information on the Venn diagram to write three paragraphs. After reading several American Indian tales or legends, students will then create their own legend using the narrative writing process.
Format: lesson plan (grade 4 English Language Arts and Social Studies)
By Janice Gardner.
Topics in English Language Arts Education
In Preservice teacher education resources, page 1.2
Resources Specific to English Writing Instruction Teaching the Writing...
Format: article/teacher's guide
English language learners
An introduction to LEARN NC's resources for teachers and administrators working with students with limited English proficiency.
Format: bibliography/help
Lesson planning for English Language Learners using the WIDA/ELP Standards
This course provides ESL and regular K-12 classroom teachers an opportunity to plan lessons using the new NC Standard Course of Study for Limited English Proficient students known as the WIDA/ELP Standards.
Format: article/online course
The highways or the byways: Mapping routes in North Carolina
In North Carolina maps, page 2.1
In this lesson, students use mathematical skills to choose the best routes for traveling around the state. Students will also use various internet resources for determining and plotting distance and ratio of miles per hour to time.
Format: lesson plan (grade 6–7 Mathematics)
American Indians in North Carolina
In this course you'll explore American Indian history in North Carolina from the earliest evidence of human habitation in the state through first contact with Europeans, the Trail of Tears, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement, and into the present day.
Format: article/online course
Ackland Art Museum
Features online versions of art museum's exhibits and permanent collection, field trip guidelines and activities, lesson plans, and in-depth institutional background.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
LEARN NC, a program of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education, provides lesson plans, professional development, and innovative web resources to support teachers, build community, and improve K-12 education in North Carolina.
Format: article/help
Math in the White House
This plan uses an online tour of the White House to reinforce the concept of tallying.
Format: lesson plan (grade K–1 Mathematics)
By Bunnie R. Brewer, Missy Colborn, Kathy Hale, Kim Roberson, and Emily White.
The Civil Rights Movement in context
This online course investigates the precursors to the Civil Rights Movement, its leadership, its opposition, and its legacy, including lesser-studied events of the movement and primary sources.
Format: article/online course
Dream of a Nation
In an increasingly interconnected world, societal awareness of key social and environmental issues is critical. In the Dream of a Nation online course you will learn about our approach to exploring the problems and solutions to the issues facing our nation. More than a book, Dream of a Nation is the first component of a national multimedia long-term movement that will reach and engage millions of individuals.
Format: article/online course