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LEARN NC is no longer supported by the UNC School of Education and has been permanently archived. On February 1st, 2018, you will only be able to access these resources through the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. We recommend that you print or download resources you may need before February 1st, 2018, after which, you will have to follow these instructions in order to access those resources.

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LEARN NC Local Coordinator Job Description
This page explains the duties expected of district-level coordinators for LEARN NC.
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LEARN NC Help Desk
The LEARN NC Help Desk is available to answer technical questions about online courses. Any LEARN NC-trained instructor and their students can contact the Help Desk.
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Training for online course instructors and developers
LEARN NC offers online Moodle training for course instructors and developers.
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Accommodations for students with disabilities in online courses
This document explains how students with disabilities can request accommodations when taking LEARN NC's online courses.
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Email updates from LEARN NC
LEARN NC sends out periodic email updates to subscribing educators. These updates contain summaries of new articles, information about new resources, and announcements of online course offerings and upcoming professional development opportunities.
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LEARN NC Online Courses Announcement
LEARN NC has temporarily suspended its course offerings. We apologize for the inconvenience and we anticipate offering high-quality courses again in the near future. For your immediate needs, you may wish to use the e-Learning...
Acceptable use policy for online courses
Policies governing the acceptable and unacceptable use of email, messaging clients, and online dicussion areas by students taking online courses through LEARN NC.
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Drop/add policy for online professional development courses
Guidelines explaining when a teacher may be permitted to register for or drop out of an online course.
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Web Publishing & Collaboration Guide
LEARN NC works collaboratively with educators and other individuals from a variety of backgrounds to develop web-based resources for teachers and students. This manual guides educators through the process of developing content for publication on the web, including writing, design, technical guidelines, and copyright.
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Frequently asked questions
Answers to frequently asked questions about LEARN NC.
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Search LEARN NC from your website!
Want to make it easy for teachers to find and use LEARN NC's collections right from your school or library website? Just copy the code below and paste it into your web page! If you know some HTML and CSS, feel free to style it as you like. ...
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Mandarin Chinese III| 中文课程3
Part three of an online textbook for learning Mandarin Chinese.
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LEARN NC 2009 Progress Report
LEARN NC's 2009 Progress Report includes a message from the director and enumerates some of the highlights of LEARN's work from the year 2009.
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The Home Court Advantage: A Kid's Window into the North Carolina Court System
Learn about who's who in the courts and what the courts do by comparing the process and the players to a basketball game. Kids will learn about the "scorekeepers," the "coaches," and the "referees."
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Lesson plans for teaching focus
A collection of LEARN NC's lesson plans for teaching focus, the first of the five features of effective writing.
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Selection policy and disclaimer for "Best of the Web"
The purpose of LEARN NC's Best of the Web collection is to provide web resources that support the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. These resources have been selected according to our selection policy.
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Practicum in Online Teaching -- Frequently asked questions
This document answers the most-asked questions about the Practicum in Online Teaching, the capstone course to LEARN NC's Carolina OnLine Teacher Program.
Registering K–12 students for online courses
LEARN NC no longer offers courses for K-12 students.
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Observing other teachers
Learning from other teachers is an important means of professional development. Here are some suggestions for observing successful teachers in your school, in other schools, and on the web.
By Kathleen Casson.