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North Carolina thinking skills
Model of thinking skills adopted by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in 1994. Lists seven levels of thinking skills from simplest to most complex: knowledge, organizing, applying, analyzing, generating, integrating, and evaluating.
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction administers the policies adopted by the State Board of Education and offers instructional, financial, technological, and personnel support to all public school systems in the state.

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Mrs. Emma Cleary
In Tobacco bag stringing: Life and labor in the Depression, page 2.12
CLEARY, MRS. EMMA, married; two children; aged 30; husband aged 60; resides in Wilkes County, N.C. Children: William, aged 12 in school. Vassie, aged 8 in school. INCOME: None. HOME CONDITIONS: Own two-room log cabin and forty acres of land. Only five acres...
Jonkonnu celebrations in North Carolina and beyond
In this lesson plan, students read two articles about Jonkonnu, an African American and Afro-Caribbean celebration among slave populations with origins in West Africa. Students complete a graphic organizer comparing Jonkonnu in North Carolina, Belize, and Jamaica.
Format: lesson plan (grade 8 and 11 Social Studies)
By Jamie Lathan.
Camden County Heritage Museum
Visitors to this museum can see historic artifacts of Camden County as well as the preserved county jail.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
"Magic Eye" discussion questions
In Tobacco bag stringing: Elementary activity two, page 3
Each of you has looked carefully at one of the photographs. You have talked about your photograph with the others in your group. Now, think about all of the different photographs. What can they tell us about what it was like to live in that section of North...
Format: article
By Pauline S. Johnson.
North Carolina Aviation Museum
The N.C. Aviation Museum is "dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and education of historic military aircraft."
Format: article/field trip opportunity
White clay and Wedgwood pottery
In Clays of the Piedmont: Origins, recovery, and use, page 8
Figure 9 shows an example of one of the well-documented cases in which the British colonial economic policy was applied in North Carolina. In 1767, the famous English pottery manufacturer Josiah Wedgwood sent a representative to North Carolina to obtain a...
By Dirk Frankenberg.
Health and beauty in the 1930s
In The Great Depression and World War II, page 3.8
Pamphlet produced by the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service in 1939, explaining rules and guidelines for grooming for teenage girls. Includes reading questions.
Format: pamphlet
North Carolina State Capitol, 1937
North Carolina State Capitol, 1937
Format: image/photograph
North Carolina Essential Standards: Science
Format: (multiple pages)
North Carolina Essential Standards: Guidance
Format: (multiple pages)
Teaching suggestions: Graveyard of the Atlantic
Suggested activities for use with the article "Graveyard of the Atlantic," which explains why the waters off North Carolina's coast have been unusually treacherous for shipping.
Format: /lesson plan (grade 8 Social Studies)
By Pauline S. Johnson.
Tobacco Farm Life Museum
This history museum provides "an informative insight into early 20th century farm family life."
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Hands On! A Child's Gallery
Students in kindergarten through third grade can learn while they play at this museum in Hendersonville, North Carolina.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Blue Ridge Parkway and Museum of North Carolina Minerals
Students from a five county region actively attend this Museum for experiential learning and are introduced to the wealth of cultural and natural resources of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
North Carolina Executive Mansion
A history with images of the governor's mansion in Raleigh, North Carolina. Explore the gardens, the library, the ballroom, and more...all online. Read a brief history of NC's current first family.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Rockingham County Historical Village
An original tobacco factory, a barn, a one-room school house, and a corn crib have been restored and make up the Rockingham County Historical Village.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Tobacco bag stringing: Elementary activity two
This activity for grades 3–6 will teach students how examining photographs can help them to better understand the past. This activity can be used as an introduction to looking at primary source photographs.
Format: lesson plan (multiple pages)
North Carolina secedes
In North Carolina in the Civil War and Reconstruction, page 1.7
Ordinance of secession passed by a convention of delegates from North Carolina counties on May 20, 1861. Includes historical commentary.
Format: legislation/primary source
Masthead from the North Carolina Gazette, 1777
Masthead from the North Carolina Gazette, 1777
James Davis originally published the North-Carolina Gazette from 1751 until around 1760. He began a new newspaper, The North-Carolina Magazine; Or Universal Intelligencer in 1764 and published this until around 1768. In May 1768 he started over again, this...
Format: image/newspaper
North Carolina Essential Standards: Social Studies
Format: (multiple pages)