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exceptional children
Designation for students who have different educational needs than the average child. Many children in exceptional children's (EC) programs have physical, mental, or social disabilities, but in North Carolina academically gifted children are also classified as EC.

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North Carolina Maritime Museum
Students will learn about the rich maritime history of the North Carolina coast as well as the coastal environment and barrier island ecology.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
The Iredell Museums: Kids@Play
From hands-on learning experiences in the arts, culture and sciences to exhibits, programs, classes, and performances there is so much to do at the Kids@Play Museum.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Rocky Mount Children's Museum and Science Center
Students will love visiting the Rocky Mount Children's Museum and Science Center. The exhibits are fun, hands-on, and engaging.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
The Iredell Museums: The Iredell Museum of Arts and Heritage
Visit the museum to explore exhibits with scientific and historic interest.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Greensboro Children's Museum
Students will enjoy the hands-on learning activities that will teach them about their community, transportation, money, and more at the Greensboro Children's Museum.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Fascinate-U Children's Museum
Through touch and play young students learn about health and science topics at this children's museum.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Carolinas Aviation Museum
Learn about the history of modern aviation in North and South Carolina at this museum which is dedicated to the preservation of aviation heritage.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Natural Science Center of Greensboro
Features hands-on exhibits, a zoo, and a planetarium as well as a dinosaur exhibit and a Gem and Mineral Gallery.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Museum of the Waxhaws and Andrew Jackson Memorial
The museum has numerous artifacts as well as a film that details the Waxhaws area's history.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Rutherford County Farm Museum
This museum offers something for everyone - from a large collection of farm equipment, to household items and many other artifacts.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Carson House
Pleasant Gardens was one of the earliest settlements in the area. It is home to the beautifully landscaped Carson House, a stagecoach inn built in the 1700s and now a pioneer history museum listed on the National Register.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Avery County Historical Museum
Come see how life has changed over the years in Avery County at the Avery County Historical Museum in Newland.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Wright Brothers National Memorial North Carolina
The official website for the Wright Brothers National Memorial. The site has all the information needed for planning a trip to the memorial and in-depth information of value in classrooms where a trip is not planned.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Brevard Station Museum
This museum provides a collection of interesting stories, facts, recollections, pictures and tidbits relating to the history of Stanley, Gaston County, North Carolina.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Mendenhall Plantation
A visit to the Mendenhall Plantation shows students that there were dissenters to slavery in antebellum North Carolina. Buildings on the property include the main house, an old school house, the Madison Lindsay House and Medical School, a spring house, and a barn. There is also a restored wagon that may have been used to help runaway slaves.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
The Historic Shaw Properties Site Museum
These restored homes, tool shed, and tobacco barn from the late 1700s and early 1800s can be toured at this historic site in Southern Pines.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Historic Hope Plantation
Located near Windsor, NC, the plantation complex offers unique insights into the late 18th- and 19th-century rural life in eastern North Carolina and the South.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
The County Doctor Museum
The Country Doctor Museum offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the history of health care.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
The Mount Airy Museum of Regional History
This regional museum strives to collect, preserve, and interpret the natural, historic and artistic heritage of this "back country region at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains."
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Learning to look at art
Strategies for helping students develop visual literacy in looking at paintings and other forms of visual art.
Format: article
By Melissa Thibault.