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digital game-based learning
Instructional method that incorporates educational content or learning principles into video games with the goal of engaging learners. Applications of digital game-based learning draw upon the constructivist theory of education.
oral history
A method of collecting historical information through recorded interviews with individuals who are willing to share their memories of the past.

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Driving through time: The digital Blue Ridge Parkway
In these lessons and units for eighth grade, students delve into the rich primary sources and historical overlooks from the Driving Through Time project and explore the history of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Format: lesson plan (multiple pages)
Educator's Guides: North Carolina Digital History
Best practices, process guides, worksheets, and other resources for teaching with LEARN NC's digital textbook of North Carolina history.
Format: (multiple pages)
The effects of the Great Depression in North Carolina
This lesson is designed to give the students a better understanding of the personal effects of the Great Depression on the people of North Carolina. It also uses the student's creativity to help others understand these effects.
Format: lesson plan (grade 8 Social Studies and Theater Arts Education)
By Yvonne Carroll.
Pacing guide template for North Carolina Digital History
An editable pacing guide for LEARN NC's digital textbook for North Carolina history. This Excel workbook contains two spreadsheets. The first lists modules and chapters with suggested pacing; each chapter title links to the relevant...
Format: document
AOWS9: A global narrative: Connecting AP United States and World History
This online course emphasizes the connections between AP United States and World History through a study of the colonial period and slave trade, westward expansion, and immigration.
Format: article/online course
New machine shop in Plymouth, N.C.
In North Carolina in the New South, page 2.11
Broadside advertisement for a machine shop opening in Plymouth, North Carolina, in 1880. Includes historical commentary.
Format: advertisement/primary source
Commentary and sidebar notes by L. Maren Wood.
North Carolina history: Grade 4 educator's guide
This educator's guide provides teaching suggestions designed to facilitate using the digital North Carolina history textbook with fourth-grade students.
Format: (multiple pages)
Digital game-based learning
Digital game-based learning (DGBL) is an instructional method that incorporates educational content or learning principles into video games with the goal of engaging learners. Applications of digital game-based learning draw upon the constructivist theory of education.
Format: article
By Heather Coffey.
Native Americans and Jamestown
Using primary sources, students will investigate the role of Native Americans in the successes and failures of Jamestown. Students will identify and analyze inaccurate portrayals of Pocahontas and Powhatan by comparing historical facts with literary fiction.
Format: lesson plan (grade 11–12 Social Studies)
By Jennifer Ricks.
AOWS6: Revolution, reaction, reform: Industrialization creates a modern world
This online professional development course takes the concept of revolution away from war and links it to a major change in society using the late 19th and early 20th century Industrial Revolution and following Progressive Era.
Format: article/online course
North Carolina History: A Sampler
A sample of the more than 800 pages of our digital textbook for North Carolina history, including background readings, various kinds of primary sources, and multimedia. Also includes an overview of the textbook and how to use it.
Format: (multiple pages)
American History
This selection of American history resources found on LEARN NC takes students from the very infancy of our country to modern times.
Format: bibliography/help
Recent North Carolina
Primary sources and readings explore recent North Carolina (1975–present). Topics include politics, the economy, the environment, natural disasters, and increasing diversity.
Format: book (multiple pages)
The value of oral history
In Oral history in the classroom, page 1
Why use oral history with your students? Oral history has benefits that no other historical source provides.
Format: article
By Kathryn Walbert.
Untold stories: The Blue Ridge Parkway experience
In Driving through time: The digital Blue Ridge Parkway, page 1.2
This lesson is intended to complement a Story of the American South: The Blue Ridge Parkway Experience. After reading The Blue Ridge Parkway Experience, students will determine an area of interest related to the story, research that topic through the Driving Through Time resources, and develop a digital historical narrative to share their research and understanding.
Format: lesson plan
By Katy Vance.
Reading picture books: resources for teachers
Illustrations, picturebook finding aids, and great picture book websites.
Format: article
By Melissa Thibault.
ChronoZoom: Teaching history through technology
ChronoZoom is an online tool that shows how time is both horizontal and vertical, meaning that multiple events are taking place at the same time in different places, impacting one another. These lesson plans demonstrate how teachers might use this tool.
By Helen Avis.
State Library of North Carolina
Find information about the library and its many services and resources. Conduct genealogical research, investigate higher education institutions, find NC statistics, and more. Contains a digital project featuring African-American schools in the post-Civil War era.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Family History in the Classroom
In this enhanced digital textbook, nine educators share how they used family history in their classrooms to increase engagement and build empathy.
Blue Ridge Parkway communities today
In Driving through time: The digital Blue Ridge Parkway, page 2.7
This is the seventh lesson in the Competing Routes unit. This lesson allows students to look critically at the state of the communities which exist along the Blue Ridge Parkway today and contrast them against their historical counterparts, helping students to explore the effects of the Parkway on surrounding communities.
Format: lesson plan
By Katy Vance.