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Bed warmer
Video demonstration of a bed warmer, a tool used by families in the 1700s and 1800s to keep their beds warm.
Format: video/video
Deafness, self-esteem, and the inclusive classroom
A deaf student surrounded by hearing peers in an inclusive classroom may experience feelings of isolation. The classroom teacher, however, can play a critical role in supporting a deaf student's self-esteem and sense of belonging within the culture of the...
Format: video/video
The importance of collaboration
The success of a deaf student in an inclusive classroom is dependent upon the contributions of a number of people, including the classroom teacher, the student, the teacher of the deaf, the student’s family members, school administrators, and the interpreter....
Format: video/video
The Cherokee language
Excerpt about the Cherokee language from the documentary Voices of North Carolina, produced by Neal Hutcheson and the North Carolina Language and Life Project. This video is one in a series that also includes: African...
Format: video/video
Harvesting and selling tobacco
This short documentary shows the process of harvesting, curing, and selling tobacco, from farm to auction. Filmed at Duke Homestead State Historic Site in Durham, North Carolina, during the 2009 Tobacco Harvest Festival.
Format: video