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Letter of April 7, 1939
In Tobacco bag stringing: Life and labor in the Depression, page 1.5
MORSE BAG COMPANY East Bend, North Carolina. April 7, 1939. Mr. Sherlock Bronson, Richmond, Virginia. Dear Sir: In compliance with your request of March 28th, I am glad to give you an idea of my experience in working with tobacco bags. My mother and father,...
Supermarket sweep: Day 1
Students will talk about choices that families make when purchasing groceries. Students will make a booklet of frequently purchased grocery items.
Format: lesson plan (grade K–1 English Language Arts, English Language Development, and Social Studies)
By Angela Hunt and Melody Holmes.
Field house located on canal in highlands near Mai Chau
 Field house located on canal in highlands near Mai Chau
A thatched roof house is located along a canal used for irrigating wet-rice fields in the highlands near Mai Chau. Such small houses built of local plant materials may be used by Southeast Asian highland families on a permanent basis, especially if they are...
Format: image/photograph
Excerpt from William Henry Singleton slave narrative
William Henry Singleton was born into slavery in eastern North Carolina. This excerpt from his memoir describes his experience of being sold to a "slave farm" in Atlanta -- a place where young slaves were bought for a low price and then raised until they could be sold for a higher price.
Format: book
Bed warmer
Video demonstration of a bed warmer, a tool used by families in the 1700s and 1800s to keep their beds warm.
Format: video/video
A café
In Contemporary life in Vietnam, page 7
Three young men in long pants and T-shirts sit on red plastic stools at a streetside cafe in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. A woman wearing a headscarf stands nearby beside a rack of items for sale. She carries a plastic bag of goods and is either another...
By Lorraine Aragon.
Exploring the families of instruments
Students will learn about the families of instruments and conclude the lesson by constructing a model instrument from one of the families studied.
Format: lesson plan (grade 3–4 Music Education)
By Leslie Cothern.
Little girls selling bracelets to travelers
In this recording, you can hear young girls selling handmade bracelets- they repeat the same phrase in English over and over again. This is common in Angkor Wat, where at every temple, children and adults are selling everything from crafts to food to drinks...
Format: audio
Comparing proverbs
The lesson will feature comparisons of American and African proverbs.
Format: lesson plan (grade 3–4 English Language Arts and Social Studies)
By Pat Chancer.
Life on the land: Voices
In North Carolina in the New South, page 1.4
Excerpts of oral history interviews with men and women who grew up on farms in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century North Carolina.
Format: interview/primary source
Commentary and sidebar notes by L. Maren Wood.
Job twister: A lesson in career competency
Twister provides an excellent opportunity to discuss shared responsibilities at home/school as well as to demonstrate working together in a "movement" situation. Young children will enjoy the movement involved while learning directional words, such as right, left, etc. This lesson incorporates literature, technology, and motor skills.
Format: lesson plan (grade 1–2 Social Studies)
By Ann Sumners.
Children and families in North Carolina
In this lesson plan, elementary students will analyze photographs of children from North Carolina provided by the Green ‘N’ Growing collection from the Special Collections Research Center at North Carolina State University. They will investigate how individuals and families are similar and different, and to begin to acquire an understanding of change over time.
Format: lesson plan (grade K–3 Social Studies)
By Pauline S. Johnson.
Portrait of girl holding two textiles for sale at Siem Reap
Portrait of girl holding two textiles for sale at Siem Reap
A pre-adolescent girl holds a brown cloth over her shoulder and a printed blue one over her right forearm. Both cloths appear to be printed examples of local batik designs. The girl's brow is furrowed in concentration as she looks towards her right, perhaps...
Format: image/photograph
Marriage in colonial North Carolina
In Colonial North Carolina, page 6.6
In the colonial period, how and when people got married depended on whether they were indentured servants, slaves, free laborers, or wealthy people. Many marriages were informal and validated by the community rather than by a legal license.
Format: article
By L. Maren Wood.
Penguin possibilities: Sorting by attributes
This lesson is designed to help students observe details and explore ways that objects, in this case penguins, can be sorted by various attributes such as size, color, etc.
Format: lesson plan (grade K Mathematics)
By Shyrl Stadler.
Welcoming the troops home
Welcoming the troops home
African-American families line the streets of New York to celebrate the homecoming of the 369th Army infantry unit in 1919.
Format: image/photograph
Mandarin Chinese I | 中文课程1
Part one of an online textbook for learning Mandarin Chinese.
Format: book (multiple pages)
Poverty and special ed
Is there a correlation between poverty and disabilities in children? This article looks at the facts and explains why the numbers of impoverished children in special education is on the rise.
Format: article
By Kris Zorigian and Jennifer Job.
Mrs. L.L. Oakley, Wilkes County, N.C.
Mrs. L.L. Oakley, Wilkes County, N.C.
Several people are shown standing in the doorway of a house.
Format: image/photograph
Mrs. Flossie Johnson, Reidsville, N.C.
Mrs. Flossie Johnson, Reidsville, N.C.
The Johnson family is pictured standing in front of their house.
Format: image/photograph