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oral history
A method of collecting historical information through recorded interviews with individuals who are willing to share their memories of the past.

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The Great Depression: Impact over time
In this lesson students listen to oral history excerpts from Stan Hyatt from Madison County and evaluate how the Great Depression affected one North Carolina family over time.
Format: lesson plan (multiple pages)
North Carolina Executive Mansion
A history with images of the governor's mansion in Raleigh, North Carolina. Explore the gardens, the library, the ballroom, and more...all online. Read a brief history of NC's current first family.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Duke Homestead and Tobacco Museum
Visit Duke Homestead or take an online tour, which not only features the history of the Duke family, their tobacco endeavors, and their homestead, but also contains a collection of original cigarette commercials and a movie of the tobacco bagging process.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Life on the land: Voices
In North Carolina in the New South, page 1.4
Excerpts of oral history interviews with men and women who grew up on farms in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century North Carolina.
Format: interview/primary source
Commentary and sidebar notes by L. Maren Wood.
Historic Stagville
Read about the history of the plantation, the Bennehan and Cameron families who owned the plantation, the slave community, the structures on the plantation, and the effect the Civil War had on Stagville Plantation.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Early childhood
In Postwar North Carolina, page 9.1
First part of an oral history interview with Rebecca Clark, an African American who was born in rural Orange County just before the Depression and witnessed the changes in civil rights over the years.
Format: interview
Commentary and sidebar notes by Kristin Post.
Family History in the Classroom
In this enhanced digital textbook, nine educators share how they used family history in their classrooms to increase engagement and build empathy.
Teaching suggestions: Families in colonial North Carolina
These teaching suggestions present a variety of ways to work with an article about families in colonial North Carolina. Suggested activities span a wide range of possibilities and offer opportunities for a variety of learning styles.
Format: /lesson plan (grade 8 Social Studies)
By Pauline S. Johnson.
Family History in the Classroom Book Cover
Family History in the Classroom Book Cover
Format: image
Graphic organizer: The well-ordered family
This activity provides a way for students to further their comprehension as they read an excerpt from a book by an eighteenth-century Puritan minister about children's duties toward their parents. Students will complete a graphic organizer and answer questions about the reading passage.
Format: chart/lesson plan (grade 8 Social Studies)
By Pauline S. Johnson.
The Foscue Plantation House
This restored plantation home has a rich history and exhibits family artifacts and period pieces.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Enduring amputation
In North Carolina in the Civil War and Reconstruction, page 5.10
Letter from a Civil War soldier to his brother about how he is getting along with his artificial leg. Includes historical commentary.
Format: letter/primary source
Family sitting at table, eating dinner and drinking milk
Family sitting at table, eating dinner and drinking milk
In this black and white photograph, a family is seated at a round wooden dining table eating a meal. The family consists of a mother, father, two daughters, a son, and an older man who is probably the grandfather. Both of the men wear suits. The mother wears...
Format: image/photograph
Mill village and factory: Voices
In North Carolina in the New South, page 3.5
In North Carolina History: A Sampler, page 5.2
Excerpts of oral history interviews with men and women who lived in mill villages and worked in textile mills in the early twentieth century.
Format: interview/primary source
Walking the Trail of Tears
Students will read accounts and learn about what happened on the Trail of Tears. They will discuss the causes of removal, explore the trail, and understand the effects it had on the Cherokee.
Format: lesson plan (grade 4–5 Social Studies)
By Marsha Davis.
The Wright Tavern
Built in 1816, the Wright Tavern was in operation for over a century. It is a "rare example of a frame construction dog-run building and the finest existing example of this plan in North Carolina." It is open for tours by appointment only.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Surviving storms
In Natural and human impacts on the northern Outer Banks, page 11
The first house on northern Nags Head was built by W. G. Pool, a doctor from Elizabeth City. Many of Dr. Pool's friends followed his lead — mostly because he gave them seaside lots as gifts — and a new era of seaside living began on the Outer Banks....
By Blair Tormey and Dirk Frankenberg.
Britt family of Wake County sitting in their living room
Britt family of Wake County sitting in their living room
In this black and white photo, the Britts, a family of five, and a furry white cat are sitting pleasantly in a sunny room filled with plants. “Mother” is writing in a book at a desk located in the corner of the room. She is facing the interior...
Format: image/photograph
Connecting with community through oral history
In Oral history in the classroom, page 5
Through interviews and photographs, Harnett County students learn about their community's agricultural past.
Format: article
By Jean Sweeney Shawver.