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LEARN NC is no longer supported by the UNC School of Education and has been permanently archived. On February 1st, 2018, you will only be able to access these resources through the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. We recommend that you print or download resources you may need before February 1st, 2018, after which, you will have to follow these instructions in order to access those resources.

Resources on the web

Anne Frank the Writer
Explore an exhibition of primary sources, original manuscripts, interviews, and photographs that that examine Anne Frank as a writer. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
National Marine Sanctuaries
An essential resource for the classroom studying marine science. Includes virtual tours of marine sanctuaries of the United States and their territories, virtual dives, photos, videos, lesson plans, lab experiments, workshops, and much more. Learn about coral... (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Campfire Stories with George Catlin
Discover the American Indians of the 1830s through the writings and artwork of George Catlin. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: Smithsonian Institution American Art Museum
The Northern Great Plains, 1880-1920
This site, comprised of the Hultstrand and Pazandak collections, contains 900 photographs of rural and small town life at the turn of the century. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: Library of Congress
The Living Room Candidate
Streaming video of dozens of presidential campaign television ads. View ads by date or issue to see what tactics were used to appeal to voters from Eisenhower to today. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: American Museum of the Moving Image
Linking the Arts and Education through Technology: ARTSEDGE provides resources and exemplars for teachers to teach in, through, and about the arts. The site includes lesson plans, advocacy and professional development resources, and up-to-date information... (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: ArtsEdge, The Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.
Westward by Sea - A Maritime Perspective on American Expansion, 1820-1890
This selection of items from Mystic Seaport's archival collections includes logbooks, diaries, letters, business papers, and published narratives of voyages and travels associated with the settlement of California, Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, and the Pacific Northwest. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: Library of Congress
Exploring the Environment
Promotes science-literate and reflective students who are knowledgeable of the earth's processes and their responsibilities for stewardship using these instructional resources. Find activities and learning modules for coral reefs, global climate change, the... (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: NASA
The potential for using online video in the classroom is tremendous. Teachers rely on video for reaching different learners, as a resource to help those couple of kids who didn't "get it" the first time around, and as an instructional resource for conveying... (Learn more)
Format: website
Provided by: Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi