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critical literacy
The ability to read texts in an active, reflective manner in order to better understand power, inequality, and injustice in human relationships.

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Map skills and higher-order thinking
This series of articles looks at map skills as a kind of visual literacy, considering what maps are, how they're made, and the higher-order thinking skills students need to move from simply decoding maps to fully comprehending them.
Format: series (multiple pages)
African American Male Literacy Bibliography
Format: document
African American Male Literacy Chat Transcript
Format: document
In Contemporary life in Vietnam, page 17
Vietnam requires nine years of schooling. Although it is a relatively poor country, the literacy rate for adults is reported to be over 90 percent.
By Lorraine Aragon.
Reading images: an introduction to visual literacy
Images are all around us, and the ability to interpret them meaningfully is a vital skill for students to learn.
Format: article
By Melissa Thibault and David Walbert.
Rethinking Reports
Creative research-based assignments provide alternatives to the President Report, Animal Report, and Famous Person Report that ask students to think about old topics in new ways, work collaboratively, and develop products that support a variety of learning styles.
Format: series (multiple pages)
Are you prepared to meet the literacy needs of African American male youth?
The need for quality literacy education is strong, particularly for certain underserved populations. One group in critical need of improved literacy instruction is African American males. According to the National Association for Educational Progress 2011...
Format: video/presentation
Adolescent literacy: Social studies comprehension strategies
"Adolescent Literacy: Social Studies Strategies" equips teachers with a variety of strategies and resources to enhance literacy instruction in the social studies classroom in an ongoing and purposeful manner.
Format: article/online course
North Carolina Teacher Standards and Evaluation Process
Students will examine the standards and evaluation model in this online course.
Format: article/online course
It's an ad!
How do marketers target kids — and how can we teach kids to know the difference between advertising and fact? These websites provide strategies to build critical thinking skills for media literate kids.
By Melissa Thibault.
Map skills
In Map skills and higher-order thinking, page 1
It used to be a lot of work to make a map. Before computers, maps had to be meticulously drawn by hand, their grids and outlines relying on complicated pencil-and-paper calculations. Now, you can download map data from the U.S. Geologic Survey or the Census...
Format: article/best practice
By David Walbert.
Are you prepared to meet the literacy needs of African American male youth?
This webinar explores the role of the educational community in closing the literacy achievement gap; nurturing the resolve of African American male youth, helping them reconcile their different identities, and reimagine their place in the world; and enabling African American male youth to take action in their own lives and in their communities.
Format: presentation
By Amanda Hitson and Sandra Hughes-Hassell.
Media Literacy
How do you know if something is true? How can you figure out if someone is trying to influence or sell to you? Put yourself in their shoes and consider the source! Check out this selection of websites from our Best of the Web.
Format: bibliography/help
Two school boys ask a woman tourist in Hue to help them with English homework
Two school boys ask a woman tourist in Hue to help them with English homework
Two school boys ask a woman tourist visiting Hué to help them with their English homework. All three wear white T-shirts and are sitting in white plastic chairs on a tiled veranda outside a cafe or hotel. The foreign tourist wears dark sunglasses and her...
Format: image/photograph
Running record form
Blank running record form for use in reading assessment.
Format: document
The Walking Classroom
Lesson plans and podcasts aligned to the fifth grade curriculum.
Format: lesson plan (multiple pages)
Three school girls in uniforms on road between Dalat and Ho Chi Minh City
Three school girls in uniforms on road between Dalat and Ho Chi Minh City
Three girls in matching school clothes walk along a road between Dalat and Ho Chi Minh City. They all wear blue pants, white blouses, cloth sunhats, and backpacks. A cement building foundation and some grave headstones can be seen off the road on the left....
Format: image/photograph