K-12 Teaching and Learning From the UNC School of Education

LEARN NC was a program of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education from 1997 – 2013. It provided lesson plans, professional development, and innovative web resources to support teachers, build community, and improve K-12 education in North Carolina. Learn NC is no longer supported by the School of Education – this is a historical archive of their website.

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LEARN NC white paper: An introduction to virtual mentoring
How to support new teachers with an online mentoring program.
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Communicating with parents, colleagues, and administrators
Effective communication is often about avoiding problems rather than solving them. These resources on communicating with parents, participating in a mentoring relationship, and working with colleagues and administrators will help you communicate effectively in a number of situations.
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Building a support network
Every teacher needs support networks, both formal and informal. This guide to LEARN NC's collections will point you to resources that show you how to build your own and get the help you need.
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Mentoring matters
How mentors can serve as role models, helpers, and colleagues.
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By Evalee Parker.
Communication: The key to successful mentoring
Building support systems begins with asking for help — and giving it.
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By Diane Gore.
New Teacher Support
Ok, so it's not all fun and games. Now what? When you decided to become a teacher, what did you think about? If you're like most people, you thought about making a difference in children's lives, about helping them learn, making them think, "touching...
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Practicum in Online Teaching -- Frequently asked questions
This document answers the most-asked questions about the Practicum in Online Teaching, the capstone course to LEARN NC's Carolina OnLine Teacher Program.
Learning from new teachers
Mentors can share in the hope and enthusiasm of new teachers.
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By Joy Jenkins.
Looking for support
An elementary special education teacher talks about finding support in challenging situations.
By Kathleen Casson.
Conversations, questions, and answers for a beginning teacher
A kindergarten teacher begins her career with an excellent support network.
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By Kathleen Casson.
Teaching in the ELA classroom: Best practices, lessons learned
LEARN NC will publish a series of best practice articles with a particular focus on writing, reading, and literacy at the secondary level. These web-based articles will annotate classroom activities and success stories highlighted with multi-media elements...
Building your own support network
How to take charge of your own professional development and break through the isolation of the classroom.
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By Denise Young.
Transatlantic Teacher Scholars – American Battle Monuments Commission
LEARN NC was recently awarded a contract by the American Battle Monuments Commission to build an interactive teaching companion to the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery in Verdun, France. This team will explore ways to unlock the narrative stories and trends...
Real-world learning in a virtual environment
Want to try project-based learning to get your students involved in real-world issues? A former North Carolina Technology & Learning Teacher of the Year talks about how she worked with the North Carolina Zoo to get students excited about learning.
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By David Walbert.

Resources on the web

Electronic Emissary
A web-based organization offering "telementoring" for K-12 students. Mentoring relationships typically last from six weeks to several years. (Learn more)
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Fosters student research through scientific inquiry and online mentorship. Students learn core biology concepts while doing hands-on inquiry projects and receive help from plant scientists. (Learn more)
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Provided by: Botanical Society of America
Beginning Teacher's Toolbox
A teacher created and owned business dedicated to empowering and inspiring teachers, creating quality, learner-centered classrooms, and improving student success. (Learn more)
Format: website/activity
Provided by: Inspiring Teachers.com
SCALE - The Student Coalition for Action in Literacy Education
This outreach program “promotes a participatory, learner-centered approach to literacy in which power in the program and in the classroom is shared with learners, volunteers, and community members. Shared decision making - about lesson content, choice of... (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education
George Lucas Educational Foundation's Edutopia
The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) is a nonprofit working to highlight the most innovative models of K-12 teaching and learning in the Digital Age. A Web-based multimedia resource center, this site provides hundreds of powerful examples of learning... (Learn more)
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Provided by: George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF)