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Biltmore Estate
In North Carolina in the New South, page 5.1
George Washington Vanderbilt inherited a tremendous sum of money and used it to build a massive house and grounds near Asheville.
Format: article
The Biltmore Forest School
In North Carolina in the New South, page 4.8
The pioneering Biltmore Forest School emerged from George Vanderbilt's desire for scientific management of the forests around Biltmore Estate.
Format: article
Biltmore in the community
The hospitality of the Biltmore Dairy and the quality of its ice cream products were legendary in the Asheville community. O.L. Merchant was a partner in the Merchant Construction company. The building contractor for the Frith, Edith’s house in Biltmore...
Format: article
By Sue Clark McKendree.
Children born or raised at the farm and dairy village have wonderful memories of growing up on Biltmore Estate. For Mildred Buchanan, living here “was fun. I guess you felt a little but more secure than you would out in the town....You just wasn’t...
Format: article
By Sue Clark McKendree.
Edith Vanderbilt's relationship with estate families
George Vanderbilt’s marriage to Edith Stuyvesant Dresser in June 1898 precipitated a special celebration when the Agricultural Department won a tug-of-war competition with nursery workers, foresters, and Biltmore House employees and received a “handsome...
Format: article
By Sue Clark McKendree.
The employee clubhouse
In 1933, the Employee Clubhouse opened in Woodcote, managed by Marjorie Edwards. Marjorie was not paid a salary; rather she made a profit from the meals she served. Marjorie’s responsibilities as a hostess were to keep the house clean, and to serve weekday...
Format: article
By Sue Clark McKendree.
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
Biltmore Dairy ice cream also played a leading role at estate gatherings — Cornelia’s birthday celebrations, Christmas parties, May Day festivities, and picnics. In fact, virtually every oral history interview or questionnaire containing childhood...
Format: article
By Sue Clark McKendree.
George Vanderbilt established the first agricultural operations at Biltmore to produce dairy products, meat, poultry, fruits, and vegetables for use in Biltmore House. However, it was his hope that the estate would be self supporting, and by the mid-1890s,...
Format: article
By Sue Clark McKendree.
North Carolina in the New South
Primary sources and readings explore North Carolina in the decades after the Civil War (1870–1900). Topics include changes in agriculture, the growth of cities and industry, the experiences of farmers and mill workers, education, cultural changes, politics and political activism, and the Wilmington Race Riot.
Format: book (multiple pages)
Special celebrations
Although the first Christmas parties for estate workers were held in the Banquet hall of Biltmore house, they later moved to the Dairy, most likely because of the ever-expanding numbers of employees required for the growing operations. Sarah Lanning surmised...
Format: article
By Sue Clark McKendree.
The tabasco water heater and hot water in Biltmore House
In A technological tour of the Biltmore Estate, page 7
Introduction to the boiler room Although this room is called the Boiler Room, a number of interesting features relating to various technologies can be seen here, including the elevator controller and modern DC generator. The platform and wire cage...
By Sue Clark McKendree.
Technological inspirations for Biltmore House
In A technological tour of the Biltmore Estate, page 2
Architect Richard Morris Hunt and George Vanderbilt first met in 1885, when Vanderbilt was just twenty-two years old. These first meetings between George Vanderbilt and Hunt to complete work in the Vanderbilt family mausoleum began an association that would...
A technological tour of the Biltmore Estate
This tour of “America's Castle” explains the technological features George Vanderbilt incorporated into his turn-of-the-century home.
Format: series (multiple pages)
The transformer room
In A technological tour of the Biltmore Estate, page 11
Interpreting the transformer room Wires come through the wall from the Generator Room which originally carried the power from the Dynamo Room to the Transformer Room. This room first was used to house a series of large Gould storage batteries,...
By Sue Clark McKendree.