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LEARN NC was a program of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education from 1997 – 2013. It provided lesson plans, professional development, and innovative web resources to support teachers, build community, and improve K-12 education in North Carolina. Learn NC is no longer supported by the School of Education – this is a historical archive of their website.

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Afghanistan Unveiled
This site provides information and lesson plans to accompany the film Afghanistan Unveiled, which focuses on the experiences of women. (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: Independent Television Service
African Voices
An online exhibit of historical and modern materials from Africa, as well as selections from contemporary interviews, literature, proverbs, prayers, folk tales, songs, and oral epics that reflect the diversity, dynamism, and global influence of Africa's peoples... (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: Smithsonian Institution
African Wildlife Foundation
Detailed information about Africa's wildlife, geographical regions, and the African Wildlife Foundation's conservation projects (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: AWF
BBC News: Country Profiles
Features full profiles to provide an instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: BBC
BBC World Service.com
The online version of BBC World Service is available in 43 languages and provides more than current world events. Scientific breakthroughs, business, and sports are also covered. A section for Learning... (Learn more)
Format: website
Provided by: BBC
BBC: Science and Nature
This large interactive site has a tremendous amount of information in subjects that range from the human body to space travel. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: BBC
Beyond the Fire: Teen Experiences of War
The film Beyond the Fire introduces the real-life stories of 15 teenagers, now living in the U.S., who have survived war in seven war zones. These stories tell of loss, hope, fear, strength and despair—and most of all, resilience. At this... (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: Independent Television Service
BioEd Online
Provides educational resources for k-12 biology educators in the form of streaming video presentations, slides, and other instructional materials. (Learn more)
Format: website/activity
Provided by: Baylor College of Medicine
C-SPAN Classroom Resources
Lesson plans include video clips, discussion questions, and booknotes for selected units. Some plans, such as the Checks and Balances lesson plan, contain a Fun Fact, Capitol Question (with link to the answer), Learn More, and Review Quiz, in addition to... (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: C-SPAN
Carnegie Council
A clean, easy to navigate site that acts as the “Voice for Ethics in International Policy”. This site offers articles, podcasts, events and programs. (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Center for Documentary Studies
Working to collect and preserve fieldwork that captures cultures, this organization is a prime resource for engaging activities designed to introduce students to their history and the history of other cultures. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: Duke University
Children's BBC Newsround
A United Kingdom news website with articles about events, arts and science that will be useful to anyone interested in what's happening in the world. Browse thematic picturecollections, play a game, participate in an online opinion poll, or just catch up... (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: BBC News
ClassBrain.com is an education website designed for kids, parents, and teachers. Each section is tailored to fit the informational needs and skill levels of the various age groups through adjustments to navigation, reading levels, and age appropriate... (Learn more)
Format: website
Provided by: ClassBrain.com
CNN Student News
A dual-focused educational website designed to address both educator and student needs. Teachers will find instructional resources, links, collaboration tools and professional development opportunities. Students can access multimedia news stories, a homework... (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: CNN
Provides information about the current Congress, about the Congress as an institution, and resources for teachers to help teach about the Congress. (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: The Dirksen Congressional Center
Connecting for Kids
Connecting for Kids is a place where concerned adults can track the issues such as child care and early learning, education, family finances and more that matter most for kids and families. The site provides articles, polls, and other resources... (Learn more)
Format: website
Conversations with History
Find over 200 interviews, in transcript and video format, with historians, writers, activists, and diplomats who discuss political, cultural, and social issues that span the globe. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: Institute of International Studies at UC Berkeley
Cool Planet for Teachers
This site from OxFam helps teachers bring global issues into the classroom. (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: OxFam
Cornell Legal Information Institute
View online or download Supreme Court decisions, other court decisions, the Constitution, international treaties, and many acts. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: Cornell Legal Information Institute
This website offers news, photo essays and comics regarding the events and politics of the following countries: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: Central Eurasia Project of the Open Society Institute