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LEARN NC was a program of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education from 1997 – 2013. It provided lesson plans, professional development, and innovative web resources to support teachers, build community, and improve K-12 education in North Carolina. Learn NC is no longer supported by the School of Education – this is a historical archive of their website.

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Basketball shot
This lesson introduces students to the proper technique of shooting the basketball.
Format: lesson plan (grade 6 Healthful Living)
By Eric Gramer.
Basketball: How to shoot
This lesson will give students the ability to succeed at one of the most important skills of basketball. This will be interesting, easy, and fun to learn.
Format: lesson plan (grade 9–12 Healthful Living)
Beginning vaulting
This lesson will help students learn the basics of an approach, various vaults, and landing techniques.
Format: lesson plan (grade 7 Healthful Living)
By Kathy Kress.
Dream Team basketball stations
Students will refine their basic skills of basketball by participating in a variety of basketball stations.
Format: lesson plan (grade 3–5 Healthful Living)
By Lisa Sinon.
Dribbling a ball with a hand
After this lesson, student should be aware of 4 critical components of dribbling a ball (on the side, no higher than waist, pushing the ball down, and looking up) and be able to dribble a ball applying at least 3 of them.
Format: lesson plan (grade 1–2 Healthful Living)
By Bozena Mielczak.
Effective basketball shooting
Students will learn and demonstrate effective free throw shooting skills: proper hand placement, balance, stance, and focusing eyesight on the target (basketball goal and rim).
Format: lesson plan (grade 2–4 Healthful Living)
By Tim Anderson.
Fitness fun
This lesson introduces fun cardiovascular exercises that raise the heart rate.
Format: lesson plan (grade 6 Healthful Living)
By Sharon Serine.
Fitness with a jumpstick
The lesson includes a variety of activities for strength, endurance, and flexibility with the use of a jumpstick. Intervals of jogging and exercises of major muscle groups include an element of fun. The teacher's leading role adds intensity and excitement to these activities.
Format: lesson plan (grade 1 Healthful Living)
By Bozena Mielczak.
Flipping frogs
Using frog beanbags, students will demonstrate skill components of the underhand toss.
Format: lesson plan (grade K–1 Healthful Living)
By Steve Smalley.
Island basketball
In this activity, the class will be divided into two teams: the "Sharks," who play defense and the "Swimmers," who play offense. The "Swimmers" attempt to cross the ocean and avoid the "Sharks."
Format: lesson plan (grade 3–5 Healthful Living)
By Resa Holt.
Leaping, jumping, hopping
This basic movement lesson focuses on leaping, jumping, and hopping skills.
Format: lesson plan (grade K–2 Healthful Living)
By Bozena Mielczak.
Overhand throwing
The students will perform the skills of throwing overhand. This is the third lesson in Manipulative Activities Unit in 2nd quarter that follows lesson on throwing a ball underhand.
Format: lesson plan (grade 4 Healthful Living)
By Bozena Mielczak.
Passing for success
Student will learn how to pass a basketball, one of the skills necessary to succeed at the game of basketball.
Format: lesson plan (grade 9–12 Healthful Living)
By Pierre Dacons.
Primary fitness skills unit
The main focus of this unit is primary physical fitness skills assessment and development. With PE class scheduled once a week, fitness assessment becomes a challenge. This unit keeps students moving and at the same time assesses their primary fitness skills in each lesson.
Format: lesson plan (grade 4–6 Healthful Living)
By Bozena Mielczak.
Quad soccer
This is a fun variation of indoor soccer. There are four goals and teams instead of only two.
Format: lesson plan (grade 6–8 Healthful Living)
By Clay Mohr.
Roll, pass or shoot
The students roll a ball to knock over a bowling pin. Then their group will either pass the ball or shoot the ball.
Format: lesson plan (grade 4–5 Healthful Living)
By Sharon Hudson.
Rolling a ball
More than a Physical Education lesson plan! The main focus of this manipulative activities lesson is rolling a ball. Students will roll other objects and practice rolling themselves. Additionally, you will find many ideas for structuring and managing a PE class.
Format: lesson plan (grade 1–2 )
By Bozena Mielczak.
Shooting for archery trivia
In this lesson, students will continue to improve target shooting by aiming for index cards placed on their targets. The cards will contain questions pertaining to archery terminology, which will also serve as a review.
Format: lesson plan (grade 8 Healthful Living)
Super casino basketball
Students will demonstrate skills in dribbling, shooting, and defense by participating in a game that promotes cooperation and sportsmanship.
Format: lesson plan (grade 5 Healthful Living)
By Chad Hamby.
Team tag
Students communicate, collaborate, and commit to their team and to the team's strategy. A team's desire for hard work and unselfishness makes for their success.
Format: lesson plan (grade 3 Healthful Living)
By B.A. Byerly.